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GSoC’ 16: Port Search Configuration module; Project Report

Drupal Project: Port Search Configuration module to Drupal 8

Name of the student:
Joyce George

Karthik Kumar, Naveen Valecha, Neetu Morwani.

Project Development:
I was part of the Google Summer of Code’ 16 Drupal project :Port Search Configuration module to Drupal 8. I could learn a lot, implement various functionalities and most importantly interact with a good number of community members which really helped me in the progress of my project. I feel really proud to have got some of my patches committed in the Drupal core.
I was supported by Karthik (Srijan Technologies), Naveen and Neetu (both from Acquia) in the porting process. They were guiding me by giving valuable pieces of information and sharing suggestions for the improvement of my implementations. We had regular meetings to analyze the previous activities and also to discuss the future plans. I was also supported by my organisation admin- Mathew Lechleider (Slurpee) who was also very much interested in knowing the progress of the projects and also was helpful by giving suggestions to improve.

I really enjoyed this journey right from the planning of the project proposal. I was part of the Drupal community months before the beginning of this project. My main goal joining the organisation was to contribute to patches, fix issues and be a part of the open source world. Initially I started with fixing some of the minor issues and was excited to hear about the GSoC projects. I was looking forward to do some project to learn more and improve my skills.
I have been blogging about my weekly progress. The development release of the search configuration module ported is available for testing. I have been using github to update my project. The commits were updated through the various branches. You can view the commits and the tasks I have done in my github repository.

Drupal makes use of an issue queue to have the representation of the bugs reported and it also defines a mechanism to find the progress of the bugs reported. The tasks were later on created as issues in the Drupal issue queue, the tasks worked out can be viewed in the issue queue of the search configuration module.

Apart from my mentors and the organisation admin I have mentioned before, I was also supported by other community members too. Alan D, one of the maintainer of the search configuration module was very much supportive throughout. He reviewed my code in multiple patches and shared his suggestions for improvement of the porting process even in his busy schedules. I stayed active in the IRC channels during the project period. The mentors in the IRC channels: #drupal-contribute, #drupal and the Drupal slack were really responsive throughout. Thanks to each one of them for being part of my project.

I am thankful to the FOSS club of my campus, FOSS@Amrita for guiding me to the world of open source contributions. I will be contributing to Drupal after GSoC. I would like to take the maintainership of this module and keep it up to the date.

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